Programming Note: Historically Inclined in Zone Blitz Magazine

Zone Blitz Magazine recently launched as the first professional football publication built specifically for the iPad. With high-end photography and illustrations, it’s a beautiful product. Subscribers will see a historical piece from me in the October issue, available for purchase on iTunes here.

My story looks back on a classic battle between Chicago and Minnesota, one that played out in surprising fashion exactly 35 years ago today.

Here’s an excerpt:

“…even the emerging stardom of running back Walter Payton didn’t seem threatening to Minnesota’s dominance, much to the delight of those wearing horns and braids in the warm autumn sun. But a change in season was coming. A state-record 66 consecutive days of sub-freezing temperatures would soon befall Minneapolis, and the Vikings would eventually cease their pillaging. Glimmers of their impending descent showed on this dazzling October day, but that old Norse magic – Grant’s divination – proved just strong enough.”

– Jayson Hron


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