Wood bats bring bliss

Fresh lumber arrived from the forests of Western New York today, a reminder of how synthetic life has become and how often we must now live “virtually” rather than actually. In the batter’s box, with a lathed tree in my hands, I am living – and not in some virtual sense. Primed for confrontation, armed with a club hewn from the forest, I swing a weapon embodying both the savageness and beauty of nature. Originated by The Craftsman, honed by a woodsman, and wielded by a batsman. It is baseball, and life, as it is meant to be.

– Jayson Hron


2 thoughts on “Wood bats bring bliss

  1. Although wood is used to represent many things from the past, I am looking forward to the day that the (wood) stick is in the hand and the leather is on the feet and the body is hurlling toward the net! Mere days to go!

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